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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Roller Coaster and Dark Ride at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World


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Heigh ho. Heigh Ho. It's off to the Seven Dwarfs Mine you'll go. But in order to get there, you'll have to board mine train cars that rock to and fro.
The coaster isn't uber-thrilling (nor was it ever intended to be), and the show part of it is a bit on the short side (no Dwarfs pun intended).

The coaster is, however, thrilling enough to satisfy ride warriors, but accessible enough for riders of nearly all thrill tolerance levels.
And the show elements are exceptionally cute and appealing.

Gem #1. The roller coaster is the centerpiece to New Fantasyland. There are plenty of opportunities to observe and enjoy the rolling hills and forests of the woodland creatures,
the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs along with their tools – including lanterns, ropes and buckets of glowing gems –inspired by scenes of the original film.

Gem #2. Disney’s Fastpass+ is available for this attraction and is highly recommended for those who want to expedite their ride experience.
However, it’s a trade-off if you want to experience all of the interactive elements in the stand-by line.

Gem #3. The story for this attraction begins the moment you enter the cue line through interactive games and activities to occupy your time while you wait.
There are touch screens that allow you to “wash and sort” the gems. You can make music with water on a wooden pipe organ and twirl buckets of gemstones that create colorful projections on the ceiling.

Gem #4. The mine cars themselves feature an innovative,first-of-its-kind ride system that pivot back and forth during twists, turns, hills and drops.
The swaying enhances the fun and thrill along the fairly laid-back ride track.

Gem #5. The big moment of the ride is when you enter the diamond mine where you can get up close to the Seven Dwarfs and see them hard at work among the woodland creatures and the “million diamonds that shine.”

Gem #6. Inside the mine, and throughout the ride, music from the film classic enhances the experience.
This feature is paired with unparalleled Audio-Animatronics technology that seemingly brings the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White to life through fluid motions and colorful features.

Gem #7. Spoiler Alert: As a tribute to the Magic Kingdom's original Snow White attraction, which was permanently closed on May 31,
the cottage of the Dwarfs comes into view with a dancing Snow White visible through a window at the ride’s end. Be ready for one final surprise as you roll past the cottage…which we won’t share with you here.


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